Increase Your Joy Podcast #7 – Breakdown and Breakthrough

I went through a breakdown and I have broken through. This podcast is really long. It is 57 minutes and it doesn’t even have a meditation or a book review. In fact, I believe this is my longest podcast ever.

This is also my most personal podcast. Which is a lot to say because all of my podcasts are personal. This podcast specifically deals with something that I am dealing with right now. One of the beauties of doing podcasts is that I can use them to process while serving the greatest good. One of the beauties of working in self development is that I can work on myself while serving others.

Relationships can be one of our best teachers. What I am going through with a person I care so deeply about has taught me a lot about myself, a lot about love itself, and a lot about my purpose in life. I have used this situation to make me a better person, instead of a bitter person.

I have gotten a better realization on how I want to serve and how I want to show up in this world. Are you interested? Listen, I would love to hear your thoughts. Far as I know, this podcast is nothing but the ramblings of a MAD MAN!! icon smile Increase Your Joy Podcast 7 – Breakdown and Breakthrough

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